Title/Author/Artist: Our Dining Table by Mita Ori
Series/Standalone: standalone
Genre/sub-genre: contemporary romance
Book Format: paperback
Length: 236 pages
LGBTQ+ Orientation: Gay
Abuse/Rape: No
Violence: None
Ratio of Sex/Plot: No sex.
Well written/Editor Needed: Well written
Art/Illustrations: This was done with standard manga art, but it was well done and the artist was able to differentiate between the two similar-ish leads that I could tell them apart, which doesn't always happen for me in manga.
Would I Recommend?: Yes.
Personal thoughts: This was an adorable manga depicting two young men slowly falling in love over food with a younger brother (he's four-years-old) constantly being cute and getting in the way. Everything about this was sweet and good and realistic, right down to Yutaka's fears of losing loved ones. I appreciated that there was no sex, which sometimes goes overboard in a manga and sometimes ends up as the non-consensual variety. But not here. This was a beautiful and gentle love story. And I highly recommend it.

BostonPL_JordanD's rating:
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