Disclaimer - I did not finish 'Takes One to Know One'.

The first of the 11 books written by Susan Isaac that I read was 'Shining Through' well over over 25 years ago. I enjoyed it immensely and it has been the touchstone to make me sit up and take notice when I see she's written a new book. 'Takes One to Know One' has diminished that attitude.

My first take away is that the main character is a sad, lonely, confused woman convinced she has a great marriage/life but is constantly whining to herself about how boring her successful, handsome her husband is, how boring her suburban housewife life is, and how she seethes with resentment over living with a phony smile on her face with the choices of hubby's dead wife.

Something about a fellow in her lunch group has tweaked her former life radar and she sets out to find why. It's implausible but the excuse of her boring husband and life are reason enough for her.

The journey through her investigation is mind numbingly boring interrupted by whining and the pretense that she loves her newly privileged life which she relentlessly mocks to herself.

Although I am mildly interested to find out if there is a great mystery and what it might be, I am not interested enough to get beyond the first half of the book. I checked out on page 163. If the story gets better, the author waited too long to get there. I think I gave it a good chance.

A very generous 2 stars

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