12 Rules for Life
12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos By Peterson, Jordan B Book - 2018

After reading a copy at the library I bought my own copy and extras to give to other people. This is the only book since college that I not only read two times, but took the trouble to underline pertinent sections on my second time through. Some of the chapters contained "nothing new" only "common sense" said in new ways. Other sections got me thinking about issues that I have not considered before. An example is letting men do dangerous things as children (ride skateboards) because it is practice for what we all should deeply appreciate; the common sacrifices many men make to do the dangerous things like climb 350 foot tall electricity generating windmills, build sky scrappers, and keep our utilities in good repair even during snow storms. Most of Pederson's followers are supposed to be young men who are starved for mentors encouraging them to become men. I am an older woman and I appreciate his ideas as well. I think he will be considered to be one of the most important intellectual thinkers of our time.

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