12 Rules for Life
12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos By Peterson, Jordan B Book - 2018

In many households, in recent decades, the traditional household division of labor has been demolished, not least in the name of liberation and freedom. That demolition, however, has not left so much glorious lack of restriction in its wake as chaos, conflict, and indeterminacy. The escape from tyranny is often followed not by Paradise, but by a sojourn in the desert--aimless, confused, and deprived. Furthermore, in the absence of agreed-upon tradition (and the constraints--often uncomfortable; often even unreasonable--that it imposes), there exist only three difficult options: slavery, tyranny, or negotiation. The slave merely does what he or she is told--happy, perhaps, to shed the responsibility--and solves the problem of complexity in that manner. But it's a temporary solution. The spirit of the slave rebels. The tyrant merely tells the slave what to do, and solves the problem of complexity in that manner. 1/2

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