The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

eBook - 2020
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Jan 10, 2021

What a great storyline! And I Loved it. And I skimmed a LOT, though. And it was mostly filler and I got bored. And It could have been half as long. And I don’t enjoy an abundance of short, choppy sentences... And I don’t think I’ve read the word, And, so many times in a book before.
It’s not likely that I will read this author again.

Jan 04, 2021

Not bad by any means, just not my taste. Very long winded. Not plot-driven, but not particularly strong character development either. But a lot of people like the writing style! I might try some other books by this author.

Jan 02, 2021

A totally amazing story. The first 200 pages are a mite dull, lots of repetition, but once one gets past that the crux of the story is revealed and then it truly takes off. Plus the reader will realize that the 200 pages of boredom has set the stage for what's going on now. Totally terrific book!

Dec 31, 2020

Laurie recommendation.

Dec 28, 2020

on Carol's reading in progress on Goodreads

Dec 22, 2020

I don't know how to rate this- I loved it but at the same time I just felt uncomfortable about the relationship between Luc and Addie. Anybody else??

Dec 17, 2020

Schwab is one of my favourite authors and this book doesn't disappoint. I'm not one to cry while reading, but the final chapters of Addie LaRue had me teary eyed. Adeline LaRue does not want to get married and prays to the gods to let her remain free. Unfortunately, the wrong god answers her prayers. A deal is made, leaving Addie immortal but doomed to be forgotten by everyone she meets--a type of freedom she didn't bargain on. Yet Addie is clever and defiant and finds a way to make her mark through art. Then she meets Henry, someone who can actually remember her, but Henry has also made a deal with the devil, one that will shatter both he and Addie's brief happiness. Addie's loneliness and pain are palpable and heartbreaking. An amazing tale, filled with gut wrenching angst, that makes the reader consider what kind of mark he/she will leave on the world. I recommend anything by Schwab. A fantastic author!

forbesrachel Dec 15, 2020

For Adeline LaRue, it all starts with her desire for freedom. Her certainty that she does not want her life limited to the role of wife and mother in 1714 France. Left with no decision, she rashly makes a deal with an old god she should not have, a god of darkness who wants her soul. Her life from then on is bound by rules; namely, she will live forgotten by all. But as she learns to navigate the grey areas of her curse, she finds more moments to enjoy new places and wonders. She also manages to leave her mark as a muse for artists worldwide. Then the woman with seven constellation-like freckles meets Henry. Another bound by a curse, and the first to remember her. Everything changes for both of them, even though a deal with the dark cannot be undone.
Schwab has crafted an unforgettable tale about memory, legacy, and freedom. Her character of Addie perseveres for 300 years against her own darkness, just as much as the literal one. She herself mirrors all that women have gone through; the struggle to not be limited to a traditional role, and the patience it takes to win against a dominant force. Henry on the other hand, struggles in a different way. Without purpose, and defined by others, he battles with depression. Both of the characters tell their own story, swapping back and forth frequently enough that we can build a connection and understanding of them. While Henry's is kept to recent years, we see more glimpses of Addie's past. In either case, Schwab gives us just enough to slack our curiosity while keeping the focus on relevant developments, especially Addie's changing relationship with the dark.
The almost melancholic tone endears these two to us. But there is also a timeless, ethereal quality. While the emotions range from warmth and delight to tears and tension, the ending rings to one tone...immense satisfaction. The story of Addie LaRue is one that we can take heart from, for no matter who she faces, she will never be owned.

Nov 21, 2020

Silent Reader Recommendation

ArapahoeMeagan Nov 19, 2020

I give this book 10/5 stars. Absolutely one of my favorite things I have ever read. I loved every single second of it. Every line was beautiful and poetic and incredibly profound. GAH! I can't give it enough praise. I will be thinking about this story and recommending it to everyone for a long, long time. I wish I could read it again for the first time!!!!

WPL_Jaclyn Nov 16, 2020

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a beautifully written story about a girl who makes a deal and is cursed to be forgotten by anyone that she meets in exchange for a long life that has no ties. Addie is indeed forgotten by everyone. Until she isn't.

Fans of lyrical writing will find much to appreciate in this beautiful and strange story. Julia Whalen also does an fantastic job of bringing Addie to life in all of it's messiness, sadness and loneliness.

Phil_R Nov 13, 2020

This novel is flat and empty. Loved 'Darker Shades' and was hoping for more exciting Schwab fantasy action, instead we get a novel that should have been impossible to write, and certainly not worth reading. I wanted to quit reading it every time I picked it up.

Nov 11, 2020

For me, this book was over-written. It needed about a 100 page edit and the story was a bit too predictable. As summarized in other reviews Addie makes a deal with a spirit that answers in the night to live until she is done with her soul. I think some may find her confidence and precociousness inspiring, but i often found her foolish and frustrating. Very much agree with the review criticizing the lack of historical events in the novel - why have a character live through 300 years of history if we get to see, feel, and read about almost none of it? Yes, she lives through these times, but we don't get to join in those experiences as she is often distracted by her escapades trying to (successfully?!?) outsmart an omnipotent being or magically whisked away to safety MULTIPLE TIMES! (Deus ex machina, much?) The romance plot adds some interest but besides the fact they CAN be together, the lovers don't seem to fit together in any other way. I really did want to love this book, but i just didn't.

Nov 02, 2020

Adeline LaRue knows two things for certain: she does not want to get marries and you should never pray to the gods that answer after dark. Destined to live out her life alone, Addie wanders the Earth for centuries forgotten and unable to leave a mark on history. Until one day, someone remembers her.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a luxuriously written urban fantasy. Although Addie is cursed to be forgettable, she is unlikely to be forgotten by readers. From page one, I was gripped. Addie's unconquerable spirit is a marvel and her flaws are a joy to explore.

When she meets Henry, there begins a second story full of hope and love where there was only despair and one-night stands. I won't spoil the story, but I will say it has to be one of the most beautifully written romances I have read in a long time.

This one is for fans of Holly Black, Naomi Novik, Neil Gaiman and Cassandra Clare.

Oct 22, 2020

Well, I had ridiculously high standards for this book as V.E. Schwab has nailed everything she's ever written. And this books has claimed it's place as my favourite of her works. The hype around the book is real and it's so well deserved. I loved Addie Larue and following her life and journey in the way this book was written was so well done. Henry and Luc are also great side characters and it's so interesting to see how the story unfolded especially with that ending! Wow did I cry.

debwalker Oct 13, 2020

When you make a pact with the devil to escape an arranged marriage....

Oct 09, 2020

Adeline LaRue's famous seven freckle constellation graces the cover of this new release from V.E. Schwab. Even without the usual events and celebrations due to COVID-19, the title has gotten a great deal of attention. It is 2014 Addie is now 300 years old. Since she made a deal with the god of the night (an embodiment of the devil) in 1714, she has roamed the earth on her own. Never aging, but never remembered. Then she meets Henry and he remembers her. As we ponder their pairing, we realize that together they complete each other. Addie's story is much like that of the man who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes--despairing of continuing life under the sun. Book groups will find much to discuss regarding what makes life meaningful, what makes us feel loved, the role of evil in the world, and more. Some may bulk at the page count. It seemed that the historical events we see through Addie's eyes are limited. I would have loved to see more historical detail. Perhaps, though, the point was to have Adeline LaRue transcend time rather than be bogged down in it.

DCLadults Oct 07, 2020

A New & Noteworthy staff pick 2020. Adeline LaRue wishes to become immortal, and she does. But at the cost that no person will ever remember her. A lonely journey through centuries, where she is cursed to be forgotten, until one day a boy does remember her. This is storytelling at its best.

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