12 Rules for Life

12 Rules for Life

An Antidote to Chaos

Book - 2018
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Jan 23, 2020

I tried to like this book but found it full of unconnected generalizations. He's smart enough in content (and his words) but it makes too many biblical references to stand alone as a book. I sufferred through 8 disks before i gave up so you wouldn't have to. There are much better books that get to the points faster.

Jan 22, 2020

Overrated. The 12 rules themselves stand alone. The chapters are disjointed and unfocused.

Jan 03, 2020

IMHO, this was a chore to read. I felt that the author was evangelizing and portraying his ideas using religion a bit too strongly.

Dec 29, 2019

Whatever has been said in laud of this book has not been enough. Simply life changing. Someone in this comment section has stated that the author is verbose, but I would say I wanted more.
Jordan Peterson is a master at explaining in simple, layman terms all the knowledge that he has accumulated in his practice as a clinical Psychologist.

Dec 03, 2019

Excellent book! I would highly recommend reading it and sharing it widely. What I love most is his synthesis of material, helping us make important connections between the knowledge and information brought forth by psychologists, philosophers, writers, and the spiritual beliefs Western culture is built on. A seminal book for our times and a personal guide for transformation.

Oct 15, 2019

After reading a copy at the library I bought my own copy and extras to give to other people. This is the only book since college that I not only read two times, but took the trouble to underline pertinent sections on my second time through. Some of the chapters contained "nothing new" only "common sense" said in new ways. Other sections got me thinking about issues that I have not considered before. An example is letting men do dangerous things as children (ride skateboards) because it is practice for what we all should deeply appreciate; the common sacrifices many men make to do the dangerous things like climb 350 foot tall electricity generating windmills, build sky scrappers, and keep our utilities in good repair even during snow storms. Most of Pederson's followers are supposed to be young men who are starved for mentors encouraging them to become men. I am an older woman and I appreciate his ideas as well. I think he will be considered to be one of the most important intellectual thinkers of our time.

Oct 06, 2019

An interesting book, a knowledgeable author but very verbose. In our book club only 2 people read the entire book.

Sep 29, 2019

This is a deep and thought-provoking book. Each "rule" takes it own different course through stories, science, philosophy, religions, and the author's reflections. Highly recommended.

12 rules that every child should have been taught by their parents by age 12, over embellished with primative Christian mythology and regurgitated philosophy to show how well read he is. Needs to see a psychologist! However, it is a book that the "progressive socialists" might be able to read and even comprehend!

Preston C Racette
Sep 21, 2019

Excellent reading material! Peterson offers direct and practical advise.

Aug 11, 2019

Don't remember

ontherideau Jul 15, 2019

#2 Treat your self like someone you are responsible for helping- let that sink in

Jul 06, 2019

While I found this book to be dark and at times depressing the lessons of life where there to be had. I did enjoy the randomness of the references, lobsters, skateboarders, Columbine, Cain, dogs and best of all cats. Lesson 12 was the lesson I needed to learn from reading this book. In addition I have learned that you don’t always need to read the lessons of life in order!

Jun 07, 2019

As soon as a Large Print edition becomes available I would enjoy this book much more. The print is tiny for those of us who have a vision disability. I hope someone on the Library Staff reads these comments. This is a terrific book which I have found to be hilarious, intended or not, by the author.

Apr 20, 2019

I don't know about a lot of folks, but I am impressed that the OPL has 66 copies of this book to lend out and on this date (20/4/19) there are 740 people waiting to read it. That doesn't include those waiting for it in its online version. [As an aside in case anyone at the OPL reads these comments - many of us 'ordinary folk' still like to READ a real book printed on paper!!] This says something about the book.

I usually do not read books of this nature. I was raised in a catholic household so I thought I knew most of what might be in this book. While I do, I really like this book for at this stage of my life I am often wondering just where does mankind come from? Why have we evolved to become humans and not simply remained animals like all the rest? This book has provided some good insight in to evolutionary biology which I can now appreciate.

I have liked Jordan Peterson for his common sense, down-to-earth approach to things. I can follow what he says - which is not the case of ever so many 'intellectuals' who try to impress with their vocabulary. This book is written for folks like me. I find it slow going - because there is so much to ponder. I do not think it is so much about 'critical thinking' as it is about why we are the way we are today. I, like everyone else, know that it is because of our history and what came before us. This book helped enlighten me in a big way.

I despair when I think of what 'education' is today. I would like to see the Toronto folk try a new experiment in education in senior high school using this book as subject matter. We might just see some better future citizens if this came about.

Apr 04, 2019

what i love about this book is that it breaks life down into 12 simple rules. life can sometimes seem overwhelming, and it's good to have 12 rules to refer back to. The way I remember the rules is by associating them with the 12 days of christmas. for example, rule number 5 is the "golden rings rule". rule #8, on the other hand, is the "lords a leaping" rule. this strategy is also helpful for memorizing john ritter's 8 simple rules for dating his teenage daughter. make sure she's back by 10, that's the "swans a swimming" rule.

Mar 30, 2019

Quite good so far especially the first chapter. It has given me a greater appreciation of the author as something more than just the latest whiz kid. The breadth of his knowledge is what is so admirable. I find myself agreeing with his idea that one cannot simply walk away from life and existence just to avoid suffering. Still, the lectures and especially his interviews are more challenging than his writing. And thus, they are more satisfying. That is, so far.

Mar 25, 2019

Take a screenshot of this review as it appears the library is restricting **my freedom of speech**.

I reviewed this book a few weeks ago and now that review has been deleted. Unfortunately, I did not expect this and so it'll be difficult to recreate it from scratch. Here's what I remember saying:

- This is neither a good or bad book. It's simply made for specific people. You can compare this to cars. Telsa's are great cars if you like knowing you're saving the environment and you like high tech things. Telsa's are horrible cars if you enjoy the experience of a mechanical engines and don't care trivial tech details. It just depends who's at the wheel. It just depends on who's reading the book.

- This is a negative book. It focuses on what's wrong with the world and overall is just not that uplifting. As with my first point, this is neither a good or bad thing. The degree to which you'll profit from this will depend on where you are in life and what your beliefs about the world are.

If you like Jordan Peterson's free YouTube lectures, you will both enjoy and profit from this book. If you don't, it's a waste of time and it's not going to do anything for you. There are a million other self help books out there that can have an equal or greater positive impact on your life. You're not missing out if you don't read this book or you find it's of no help to you.

Mar 25, 2019

Humanity has made great strides since the time of The Enlightenment. Fact based analysis and the scientific method were some of the basic tenets of this era. Now we find ourselves living in a world where facts don't matter. Jordan Peterson is making great strides in bringing back some of the foundational principals of The Age of Reason.

Mar 09, 2019

I didn't enjoy this book as it was vaguely misogynistic and just reiterated common sense "rules" in an unnecessarily long and drawn out way.
objectively many of the things stated in this book are just common sense statements about "carrying yourself with confidence" and "being kind to others" with the addition of at times interesting tid bits about the lives of lobsters.
what made this book problematic is that is strongly reinforces traditional gender roles and negative stereotypes of women and "feminine traits" in its supposedly inspirational chapters on living your life well.
For example it used bible quotes and observations of lobsters sexual tendancies to insinuate womens only place should bee inside the home.
overall I found it uninspiring, the evidence for many of his conclusions lacking, vaguely offensive and sexist
(P.S. there are a lot of bible quotes in this book so if that isnt something your looking for avoid this book)

Mar 01, 2019

If I can't get through the first chapter, I don't keep trying. Never made it past page 2. I wish some of these authors could learn to speak English, and not make us readers to have a dictionary sitting beside us as we read. Also, less fluff, more meat. Cannot recommend.

Feb 13, 2019

The worst book I have ever read.

Jan 29, 2019

I have not read this book yet but I have listen to the author's lectures since I was introduce to him the Friday before Christmas 2018.
I requested this book online the next day and was surprised to find I was in 741 position on the list. By January 3rd I was 707 on the list of 746. Today January 29th I am 636 of 745.
Over 100 people have taken a copy of this book out of the library in a month and the request list doesn't get any shorter. This doesn't include those who have downloaded the audio version. They are either turned off quickly or or they cannot put it down.
Buy why do people keep requesting it?
Are readers prompting it?
I just can't wait to get to read it and make my own opinion.

Jan 28, 2019

Wasn't so impressed, he has good points but seems to use lots of space to articulate those.
There are currently 57 people waiting in line for this book I hope they get more out of it than I did. Picked it up in the "Hits to Go" section - seven days was more than enough.

Jan 27, 2019

Brilliant work by one of our centuries clearest thinkers and scientists. However, it is a challenging read as many of the comments indicate.

Peterson's ideas challenge many of the core beliefs of the 21st Century and for those immersed in the culture can be difficult to accept or even understand. Read this if you are open to having your beliefs challenged, if not stick to CNN, Limbaugh and others that prepackage ideas that do not have to be mulled over or lived to be appreciated.

A towering contribution to civilization, one that will be cited for many years, may even be pivotal in a resurgence of intellectual life in the West.

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